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Michael Heenan

Michael Heenan has been at the center of some of California's highest-profile issues.

He served as a strategist and consultant to the nation's largest telecommunications company during the wars between local and long-distance telephone providers. He was a key advisor to leading independent electricity producers during California's energy crisis. A leading national retailer made him their chief consultant during the state's bitter grocery strike.

These experiences yielded solid expertise that Heenan brings to his clients. An ability to distill compelling messages and deliver clear-headed counsel have earned him the trust of top corporations and public agencies alike.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Heenan began his career as a newspaper reporter and editor. He left the newsroom to become the public information officer for the Sacramento Police Department, serving as the agency’s chief communications strategist and spokesman. He earned widespread distinction through his work on high-profile incidents such as the 1993 Unabomber attack, and remains a respected instructor of media relations for police agencies and academies.

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