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Crisis Communications

Sooner or later, it's your turn.

Crises don't confine themselves to big or controversial companies. They can show up anywhere and at any time. And, they come in countless forms -- product liability lawsuits, violence in the workplace, natural disasters, regulatory reversals, labor disputes.

When it is your turn, you want to rely on someone who has been there before. Years of experience in the daily crises of newsrooms, law enforcement and corporate issues have taught us what works and what doesn't.

To us, there’s more to crisis preparation than drafting a plan and reacting when the bad news hits. We understand that even the biggest crises have humble origins; that today’s blog posting can become tomorrow’s regulatory proposal or legislation. We believe effective crisis communications means continual vigilance on behalf of our clients and solid action aimed at understanding threats before they mature. It also means working alongside our clients’ professionals to help build brands and reputations that can withstand attacks by competitors, plaintiffs or activists.

What our clients say: